Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Book a Day?

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I recently stumbled across a blog that reviewed one book a day. While I'm quite sure that this blog is written by multiple people reading short books, it got me to thinking about the possibilities of reading one entire book a day.

A long book takes me a while to read. I'm a slower reader than some of my book blogging peers and I believe that it's dishonest of me to review a book that I've only skimmed over. When I read (especially to review), I always take notes about the book I'm going to be reviewing and concentrate on what I liked about the book as well as what I don't like about the book, so that I can give my readers the most fair and honest review of the books that I read. 

I've been doing my reviewing on Hubpages lately, and have just now decided to start bringing my reviews back to my (rather out-dated) blog. It makes me cringe to think about how long ago I read Divergent (and then Insurgent, and didn't quite finish Allegiant). There are three reviews on Hubpages right now, which tells me just how slow I've been at getting these turned out for anybody who's following and reading me.

Reviews on Hubpages are more detailed, less reader-friendly. They look like this review of Surviving the Stillness on Hubpages. It takes time and effort to work out these types of reviews, and I believe (based on feedback I've gotten from two of the three authors whose books I've reviewed on that site) that these detailed reviews are more helpful to the author than they are to the reader. 

I also believe that the less detailed reviews are more helpful to the reader, but that's not my point here.

What I'm trying to say is that I find it impossible to read and review a book a day if the book is longer than one hundred pages. However, I'd like to be reading and reviewing more books, so I've picked up some shorter freebies on Amazon in the hopes of getting some new reads reviewed for you guys.

While I can't do a book a day (I doubt that anyone reading anything more than 100 page-long books can read that many and pay attention), I'm hoping to get to reading more (both fiction and non-fiction) and to provide more reviews for my readers.

Right now I'm reading on my Kindle Paperwhite. If you are an author with a book that you'd like for me to review, you may e-mail me and request a review!

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