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Hello hello! I am back in the book blogging world and looking forward to reviewing some books again. Right now there are 0 books in my review stack, so I'm totally open for business and ready to help you out with your new novel.

Before you send me anything (i.e. a letter of request), let me tell you what sorts of things I'm hoping to review. Please do not send me requests for anything that is not on this list as those requests will be ignored.

  1. Please Only Send Fiction
  2. Hard Copies Please!
  3. Genres I Enjoy
  4. My Acceptance Policy
  5. My Turnaround Time 
  6. Review Policy
  7. Anatomy of a Book Review
  8. Rating Policy
  9. What I'll Do For You
  10. What I Need From You

Fiction Only, Please!

First of all, I am currently only looking to review fiction. Once in a while I might pop up a self-help book that I picked up myself, but if you are going to request a review from me, I would prefer to review fiction. This is important. I've gotten a number of requests to review non-fiction in the past and unless it's very compelling, I'm not inclined to finish it, which affects your overall review. Please, please, please heed me on this. I'm a college student and read enough non-fiction to get my fill of it. Fiction only!

Formats I Accept

I can only accept hard copies at this point in time. I do have an e-reader, but I prefer to read the hard copies because if nothing else I can send them out in  giveaways. I do not like to read on my computer and at the moment my Nook isn't functioning the way that I need it to in order to read your book on Nook. Please only send hard copies!

Genres I Enjoy Reading and Love Reviewing

  • Dystopian Horror
  • Horror1
  • Romance2
  • Mystery and Suspense
  • Historical Fiction
I will may also read, at my discretion, young adult novels. Your pitch on these is going to have to be especially good, but I have read (and loved) both Twilight and The Hunger Games enough not to be put off by Young Adult fiction. It just isn't my "go to" genre. Even if you submit a young adult novel to me, I will show you the same integrity in reviewing that I would to anyone else. 

If you fit into one of these categories, please continue reading. If you do not, I hope to soon have a list of book bloggers in my blogroll for you to check out. Just check back soon!

My Acceptance Policy

Due to time constraints (I'm a college student at the moment), I'm only able to make a commitment to read and review up to three books at one time. I will make sure to keep this space updated with the number of books in my current "urgent" stack. I do also pick books that interest me so that I can read  and review for personal pleasure as well, so please be patient with me. I try not to accept a book that I cannot turn around in two months or less.

Turnaround Time

I try to have all books sent to me turned around within a one month period (from the date of my receipt of the book). You should never have to wait more than three months for a book review. If this is the case, please take the time to contact me with your information to find out what's going on. My apologies if you are inconvenienced in this way. I should always be in touch with you if there is a problem but sometimes communications get lost along the way!

Review Policy

I will be hard on your book. In fact, I might decimate it. I'll be absolutely as brutal as any critic can be. I'll tear the book to shreds, critique it, then toss it at the reader. I'm a very tough reviewer. You might be surprised to find that I like almost everything I read to the end, especially considering how few books get a five star rating from me. Your book will probably get three stars, if you're a seasoned writer. If you're a new author, all bets are off. Let me give you some details.

Anatomy of a Book Review

I will present my reader (and potentially your reader) with the following information:

  • The name of the book
  • Your name
  • Star Rating (1-5)
  • Format (hardcover, paperback, e-book)
  • Number of pages
  • Social Networking (Shelfari, Goodreads and LibraryThing only. I don't include Facebook, Google+ etc in this slot).
  • Spoiler-free summary of the book
  • My reaction to the novel
  • What I liked
  • What I think could have been improved
  • What types of people would enjoy this book
  • A note saying that I received a copy of the novel for free from the author/publisher
  • Link to purchase the novel on Amazon (including my affiliate link)

Rating Policy

I use a five star rating system, like a lot of book reviewers do. Everything that I read starts out of the gate at three stars, so everyone starts in the same place. I assume that a book is going to be good, but not knock my socks off. It can go up or down from there, as follows:

1 Star: This book was awful. I couldn't read through it all the way and I don't think anyone should even consider touching it!

2 Star: This book was okay. I finished it, and I might have enjoyed it in one way or another, but it's not worth keeping around on my bookshelf for the long term. 

3 Star: The book was pretty good. I finished it and enjoyed the reading and I'll be keeping a copy around.

4 Star: This book was incredible. I loved it! I read it straight through and couldn't wait to find out how it ended. I'll definitely read another book by this author in the future. 

5 Star: This one's sticking around. A definite favorite. Everybody should read it. There is no excuse not to read it. Please read it. Oh, and can I have your autograph? Please?

Note: I generally rate books one star higher on Amazon than I would rate them on my book blog or one of the other platforms where I review books!

What I'll Do for You

From the time that I receive your book, I will do the following in addition to reading your book:

  • Tweet the Amazon link (my affiliate link)
  • Tweet about your book (even before I start reading, to encourage excitement)
  • Blog about your book, even if I haven't started reading
  • Review your book on my blog3
  • Tweet out my book review and possibly mention it on Book Blogs (Ning)
  • Add an additional (differently worded) review to Amazon, as well as to any other platform you would like to see the review appear

What I Need From You

Send me an e-mail with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The title of your book
  • The genre of your book
  • A brief (spoiler free!) summary of the plot of your book 
  • Reasons why I want to review your book
Note that if your e-mail does not include a personal greeting of some sort, I reserve the right to flat out ignore it. I don't have any interest in form letters. I get enough spam as it is!