Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Absolutely Love Dystopian Fiction!

Dystopian fiction is hands down my favorite genreI've gone through a lot of phases with books. When I was younger, I mostly read horror novels. As I got older, I branched out into high fantasy, but I never got into it. In early adulthood I read mysteries, almost exclusively. In my mid twenties it was romantic fiction (mostly Nora Roberts) and some Gothic novels. Sometimes I just picked and chose based on what I wanted to read, and my previous blog is actually a very good representation of the pick and pay method of reading that I've been using for so long. 

Don't get me wrong; it's not going to stop. I have a stack of romance novels waiting to be reviewed on Squidoo, for example. I have it in my head that reviewing Nora Roberts trilogies is going to do something for me that I can't get reviewing any other genre of fiction. While the truth is that I'm probably wrong, I don't care; I do enjoy reading these types of books.

But for a little while now I've been on a dystopia kick. It started with The Hunger Games and followed through with a reminder of the things I love in novels. The Long Walk is one of my favorites and of course I love The Running Man as well. Stephen King is, I suppose, one of my favorites. I can see connections that run through the dystopia of his novels and my favorite Hunger Games stories. It's interesting to see the way that it works.

I guess you could say I'm on a kick, because I think I'm going to be reading Fahrenheit 451 next. Brave New World is sitting on my shelf as well. 

Political dystopia is probably my favorite. I'm a very political person, and if you've ever read the original True Confessions of a Bibliophile blog, then you know what my politics are. I don't always agree with the politics of the authors of the books that I enjoy, but it doesn't matter.

I'm considering branching into Isaac Asimov. Some of his short stories fascinate me. I wonder if anyone would be interested in a book review of one of his books of short stories?

What's your favorite genre of fiction? 

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