Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: Safe Haven Page 50

Still working my way through Safe Haven. I keep wondering what it's like to be able to read through one of these in a day or two the way that reviews seem to promise should be the case with Nicholas Sparks books, but I'm going to finish it because, honestly, I want to see the movie, and I hate to watch a movie when I haven't finished reading the book first. 

A little hard to do this on a Kindle, but I managed! My quote for this week is from Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks. You can purchase Safe Haven on Amazon.

- "Katie reached for it, brightening as she examined the picture. Alex noted how -- at least for an instant -- everything else in the world seemed to be forgotten."

I actually feel like this quote illustrates everything that is wrong with this book, from the all-too-commonplace names to the fact that this is on page 50 and the romantic vein seems to be moving a bit too quickly for the novel. It feels like Sparks is in a rush and not really thinking through his characters or the story that he's trying to tell and it's very frustrating to feel left behind as the story progresses. 

But it's getting better. And I still think that I want to see more of Nicholas Sparks. I just hope that the next book I read gets to be horror of some sort or another. I'm just itching for horror or suspense!


  1. If you are looking for horror and suspense, I think you should try another author.

    Here's ours: http://ourstack.blogspot.com/2013/01/tuesday-teasers-mighty-inspiration-and.html

    1. I wasn't expecting to get horror or suspense with Nicholas Sparks. I was just expecting MORE from him than what I got.