Saturday, March 9, 2013

7 Books I'm Really Looking Forward to Reading

Before I say anything else, I want you to know that I'm really terrible about pictures. I'm terrible with a camera (and I have a very nice Nikon, too), and my pictures always wind up blurry and with lousy composition. So I use Flickr to find creative commons images for my blog posts. When it comes to things like this (specifically being my announcements about additions to my "to be read" stack), these images don't necessarily represent what's on my list, but they do usually represent, at least in part, my taste in books. A couple of these are even on my wish list.

So anyway, now that we've established that, I wanted to talk to you about my to-be-read stack and what it looks like right now. 

I'm bad at these, by the way. I'm terrible at keeping a list of books that I want to read because I almost always get distracted, break the order I'm reading books in, and then get discouraged and give up before I can really get into the books in that stack. This has happened to me before when I've been buying or downloading books in high volumes, because ultimately there's so much that it becomes overwhelming. So I've decided to never plan more than ten books ahead. Sound fair? I think it sounds fair.

I've just added all of the books in question to Shelfari, but something went wrong with the blog post and Blogger isn't accepting my HTML insertions, instead making the post look randomly strange. I thought my best bet would be to add the covers as a photoset to Tumblr and then link to that, since there are only seven of them.

Please forgive me; I'm embarrassed and feel like I'm shortchanging readers, but unfortunately that was hours of work that I can't get back.

My Visual TBR. So what's on your list?

Top photo credit Emily Carlin on Flickr.

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  1. I liked a lot Delirium and I LOVED Divergent.
    Hope you enjoy them.