Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding Time to Read

The last few days have been really difficult for me. My reading time has been cut down to almost nothing, and I'm really eager to get to reading Divergent and several of the other new novels that I've picked up the last two weeks. My To-Be-Read stack is growing at an astronomical rate and I can't seem to stop buying books (since I'm a very naughty library user and tend to forget to take them back, therefore forcing me to purchase everything I want to read). 

Every time I pick up a book in the last week, somebody starts to talk to me. I don't get alone time almost at all; there are three adults and a child living in my home and finding time to be alone is nearly impossible. Not that I want to be alone when I'm reading. I enjoy the company just fine, but I am inclined not to want to be interrupted by the constant chatter of the family around me.

It's worse because I'm reading Beautiful Creatures, which is a novel that I'm enjoying, but because it is so atmospheric (not quite like reading Anne Rice, but atmospheric enough that the setting is a key component in the book) it's difficult to become immersed in the world of Gatlin, South Carolina, when there are people trying to carry on a conversation with me. For this reason, I've been reading the book in short bursts, and have been finding it very difficult to "get into" the book.

This is a new problem for me. It's very rare that I enjoy a book that I can't get into. Usually if I enjoy a book I can't put it down and I read nearly constantly until I've finished it. I carry my Kindle with me all over the place because I read in the moments that I have available, devouring fiction like it's the bread I need to survive. I'm not getting that with this book, and I can't help but to wonder why.

I'm curious; How many of my readers have had this kind of problem before? Do you find that you enjoy a book that you can't get into, for whatever reason? Leave me a comment!

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  1. I know just what you mean - I am dying for a little time alone!! My son has been home sick/recovering from surgery for a month now, and I am yearning for some quiet time. I can't even try to read with a bunch of people in the room - unless they are reading, too.

    I usually stick with books, even if I don't get into it right away, and often it grows on me. But you are right, it is really hard to get into a book with noise and chaos around you!


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  2. It happens. Sometimes it does takes us longer to get into a book.

  3. Know what you mean! Reading time can be hard to come by but well done for blogging so much this week. I have to work really hard not to let the blog get neglected.
    With disruptions I also find it hard to get into some books and I have been known to just give up on a book sometimes because of it.
    one of my favourite bloggers Kaz at Books Anonymous posted something I think you would relate to, a badge I think all us readers would like to let the world know we don't want to be interrupted.
    Hope you get some peace and quite for reading this week.

    1. Last night I spent about an hour tearing through two chapters of Beautiful Creatures. I'm really surprised to find that the reason I wasn't getting into it was that I didn't like it as much as I thought I did. The introduction of Ridley made the book a hundred times more interesting. I thought Macon had done it, but he wasn't enough; up to this point (roughly 1/3 of the way through the book), there was no real action, no real story that was happening.

      I think I'm going to cover this on Tumblr today and then link in today's entry, which I already have planned. Read it if you're interested (: