Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why I Can't Define a Niche

I've been thinking a lot over the past few days about niche. That is to say, about how much I can narrow down the singular topic about which I write here on my blog. In the past I've created niches on other sites, including Hubpages, Zujava, Squidoo and Wizzley. While I write about several different topics, I've carefully cultivated niches on these platforms in order to boost my traffic and function. 

I'm actually pretty good at this. It's easy enough to do when you're using mind-mapping to work through ideas and to establish what goes where in terms of niches. 

This blog is something different. I want it to thrive. I want it to have followers. I want to be able to build a community here where people can discuss their favorite books, book crafts, reading habits, book reviews and book blogging. I want those things for this blog and for myself. And to do that, there's no way that I can make this a niche blog.

While I read a lot of young adult fiction (for example), that's not all that I read. In fact, I read pretty much everything with great liberty. I just love books. I hate to restrict myself and I don't want to make a promise that I mostly review Teen Dystopian fiction, because what good does that do me? When I run out of Teen Dystopian novels, then what becomes of the blog?

For that reason, I'm not comfortable niching this blog. I'll write what comes to mind. I'll post the articles and reviews that I fancy posting. And this will be my blog.

In the next few days, I'm going to create new accounts on Hubpages and Squidoo so that I can niche better than I was. And I'll be moving my reviews back here to my blog, for the most part. Hopefully this will do the most good for me and my readers!

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  1. You could always have a seperate page for all the YA and or dystopian fiction and just have a range of tabs at the top of the blog that way if someone is that specific in their reason for reading they can just go the relevant tab/page, maybe just thinking outloud so to speak???
    Happy reading and bloging!

    1. I've thought about doing something like that, but if I'm blogging every day, then I feel like I have to blog on two blogs on a daily basis, and all of the promotion that goes along with it. I feel like my eyes want to cross as a result of the strain I put on myself just to keep up with the platforms that I'm using.

      Labels (Categories) might not be a bad way to sort through it though. I'm going to start putting reviews back on the blog, so that's not a bad idea.